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'MSI Get the Green Touch' Contest on Facebook

MSI Underscores Commitment to Green Living for Earth Day 2010 with Donation of Eco-Friendly Wind Top All-in-One PCs

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., April 12 /PRNewswirel/ -- MSI, a worldwide leading manufacturer of computer components and systems, today launched a new campaign to build awareness of the importance and benefits of "green" living and eco-friendly computing. The "MSI Get the Green Touch" Contest will award one of five environmentally-focused organizations with 10 Wind Top AE2220 All-in-One PCs. The winning organization will be the one that receives the most votes on the official "MSI Computer US" Page on Facebook (, beginning today through Earth Day 2010 on April 22nd. In addition, everyone who votes will automatically be eligible for a drawing to win a Wind Top PC for their own use. The Wind Top AE2220 All-in-One PC is the flagship model of MSI's award-winning Wind Top line, delivering new levels of performance, usability, and functionality in an affordable, stylish and eco-friendly design. In addition, Wind Top PCs use 30 percent less energy than traditional desktop PCs.


"At MSI, environmentally-conscious design resulting in dramatically lower energy consumption is a very high priority," said Andy Tung, vice president of sales, MSI US. "In addition to providing one of these very deserving organizations with powerful, energy-efficient computers to support their continued work for environmental causes, fans of the MSI Page on Facebook will have a unique opportunity to learn more about the importance and benefits of green living and eco-friendly computing."

The MSI Get the Green Touch Contest will allow MSI Facebook fans to learn more about five innovative charitable organizations that are committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly causes. Fans can vote for their favorite organization, and the one receiving the most votes will receive the 10 Wind Top All-in-One PCs. After a fan votes for his or her favorite charity, he/she will have the option to display a badge promoting that charity on his/her personal Facebook profile to generate more visibility with friends and other personal contacts. The fan who shares the badge with the most friends and contacts will win one high-performance, eco-friendly Wind Top AE2220 All-in-one PC for his or her personal use.

The five following green organizations will be voted on by MSI Fans on Facebook:

* Green Spaces ( – Its vision is to forward the sustainability movement globally through local hubs that incubate environmental entrepreneurs. With hubs in New York City and Colorado, Green Spaces offers work offices with conference rooms, lounges, as well as opportunities for entrepreneurs to network with other businesses and startup organizations.
* ( – Provides a "Nonprofit Recycling & Reuse Network," which makes it easy for individuals and organizations to donate computers, laptops, office and classroom equipment for reuse by teachers, technicians, schools, churches, and community leaders. Recycles Org makes it easy to keep good, used technology out of the waste stream while putting it back into service where it can help the most.
* Computers with Causes ( ) – A unique program enabling individuals and corporations to donate computer equipment to support a variety of charitable programs, resulting in significantly greater income and benefit for the community, as well as the donor by often increasing the maximum legal tax deduction. Computers with Causes evaluates each and every donation on a case by case basis, and will repair, refurbish, and properly prepare donated property for placement into an educational environment or another cause the organization supports.
* Green Technology ( – Green Technology is a non-profit initiative designed to inform government efforts toward sustainability, providing a forum in which government officials can communicate with those in the private sector who are developing and distributing green technologies.
* Earth Team ( – Earth Team is a collaborative network connecting San Francisco Bay Area teenagers, teachers and youth leaders with numerous environmental, educational, and government organizations. Its mission is to create a new generation of environmental stewards and leaders by introducing environmental experiences that inspire dedication to a healthy environment into the classroom and the community.

About the Wind Top AE2220

The MSI Wind Top AE2220 All-in-One PC features a 21.5-inch screen with 16:9 widescreen display, full HD (1080p) resolution and high-fidelity 5.1-channel SRS Premium Sound to provide home users with theater-like multimedia entertainment. Powered by NVIDIA ION graphics and the latest Intel® Core 2 Duo/Pentium Dual Core processors, it can effortlessly run HD movies, resource-hungry applications and sophisticated 3D games. It also incorporates MSI's exclusive graphic interface, enabling users to take advantage of "One Touch" convenience to browse the Web, instant message, use VOIP software, play music, and much more.



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