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Thank you so much for the laptop computer you provided for Zeke. It has been very helpful to him and I'm sure will continue to be helpful for a long time. I've included a picture of Zeke & his dad with the computer. Michael is wearing his uniform that he wore while deployed to Iraq. He returned safe in September. Thank you once again!

Rayburn Family

Rayburn Family


Thanks for making our warehouse a little less crowded. We called up many charities and you guys were the only ones that could take all of our extra office equipment in less than a week. I cant believe we filled 2 full semis and know you should be able to help many people with all of that equipment. Will definitely suggest you to others.

Computer Warehouse Donation

Robert Shaw


I looked over alot of Computer Donation charities online and your website is the most professional, easy to use, and believable out there. I believe in your mission and am proud to support such a great charity. I mailed you 2 iPads after my husband and I upgraded to the new model and you sent us our tax receipt only 3 weeks later. Great service! God Bless!

iPad Donations Florida

Sam & Emma


You guys are fast! We called you guys only 3 days ago and you have already removed our old equipment from our office. Thanks! Feels good to donate it all.

Office Computer Donation



Our office upgraded to new computers and our old computers needed to go so we gave you guys a call. Good job. Hope we helped your charity!

Donated Computers


New Jersey

Thank you for the laptop that was donated to me by your wonderful program. This laptop will help me keep in touch my my family while deployed.

Sgt Garcia

Sgt Sergio Garcia

US Military

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