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iPad Donations

Donate iPad to Charity!

Donate iPad, Tablet donations

The gift of an iPad can be used to help teach kids in schools in low-income communities, or it will be donated to a wide variety of causes that are all carefully screened to ensure that your iPad donation goes to only those who really deserve it. iPad owners can accomplish many things at once with an iPad / tablet donation: you help someone in need, most likely students in underprivileged schools, and you get to save money by claiming the highest possible fair market tax deduction offered by the IRS. Simply fill out the iPad donation form below to get started and make an amazing difference to the organizations and families we support throughout our program.

Donate iPad with Computers with Causes charity today! Current market value tax deduction. Complete the following form or call (888)-228-7320

Donate iPad to charity
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Donate iPad to charity today!