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An educated Donor is a smart donor.

Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.

Computers with Causes takes the guesswork out of the whole Computer Donation process by offering easy to understand and useful information throughout this website. Below we have written the most common questions we have answered over the years relating to computer donations. Please do not hesitate to contact Computers with Causes.

Charitable donations of computer equipment that individuals or companies would like to pass on directly to Computers with causes should generally be no more than six years old, (in most cases) in working condition, and internet-capable. Up to 6-year-old working laptops, tablets, servers and desktops are in high demand, as are 17-inch or larger working monitors, mice, keyboards, external storage devices and cables. Donating your old computer with Computers with Causes is a great way to get it into the hands of someone who can use it and benefit deserving individuals and causes throughout the United States and sometimes abroad.

Almost all six year old and newer working computers can be upgraded to do the six things most people do with computers: Internet browsing, e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and finances. We often install bigger hard drives, more RAM, updated operating systems etc. for computers going to nonprofits, individuals and schools. Up to three-year-old working computers are generally useful as-is.

There are actually two streams of reuse. One is noncommercial or in the form of direct use (Charitable programs) and the other is commercial. Generally, Computers with Causes will utilize as many reusable computers in the direct furtherance of our charitable programs and those that we support. Sometimes we do sell the gadgets and electronics though to cover the shipping costs we incur when gifting computers and tablets to those less fortunate.

Yes, if you donate with our nonprofit organization you can claim a tax deduction. The tax laws pertaining to this are Section 170 of the Federal Income Tax Code, the New Millennium Classrooms Act, and the 21st Century Classrooms Act. Business donors can deduct the un-depreciated value of the computer, and individuals can deduct the current market value of a computer.
Example: A computer and related software with a purchase price of $3,000, valued at $1000 at the time of contribution, receives a $1000 deduction on Schedule A. A written receipt must be received (we provide) and Form 8283 should be attached to returns. The tax receipt that we provide will have your name on it, the name and identifying ein number of Giving Center (Computers with Causes), and the model and type of equipment donated. We are not authorized to appraise the value of the equipment. You are responsible for the determination of the value of your donated equipment. We have an entire page dedicated to tax related questions here: Computer Donation Tax Deductions

Computers with Causes shall remove data from all storage devices in accordance with Dept of Defense (DOD) 5220.22-M standard. Devices that are non-operational will be physically destroyed. All computer donations will be stored in a non-accessible area of our facility until such time that the hard drives can be erased in compliance with Gutmann’s data destruction methodology. If you haven’t deleted your personal information, Computers with Causes provides the highest level of data security possible – the Dept of Defense (DOD) 5220.22-M standard.

Yes. Although certainly not required, older computers work best with older software, so it’s incredibly useful to pass along any software that goes with your older computer like restore CDs, documentation, and any other software you won’t use on your replacement equipment. To make sure that the next user has access to software that goes with computers legally, include the media (disks or CDs), manuals and any papers that look like legal documents. The most important ones are called End User License Agreements and Certificates of Authenticity. Note that the EULA may be an online document the user clicked “Agree” to years ago. The Certificate of Authenticity may be nothing more than some fancy printing with a serial number on the cover of the basic User Manual (if the system came preloaded, as many now do).

Sometimes, Yes. Your charitable donation to Computers with Causes may have useful components inside and end up in a school lab or community technology center somewhere in the community. Computers with Causes shall dispose and recycle all obsolete and non-viable equipment utilizing a “zero landfill” procedure in which items are de-assembled to their component level (circuit board, glass, metal, plastic) for recycling and re-use.

Besides computers, network equipment and tablet donations, we have accepted a myriad of electronics and gadgets that helped our cause. We can start with the unique medical electronic donations like X-ray and digital imaging machines, dopplers, cold lasers, and other diagnostic equipment. Very helpful – and yes – we did have to do some research to see if they fit with our program needs and guarantee donors were able to enjoy their tax deduction. Other items include marine and car audio components, gps units, video game consoles, DSLR cameras and lenses, camcorders, video production equipment and even VR headsets. The sky is the limit when it comes to donating gadgets and electronics. Just complete the form here: Donate Gadgets and let us know what you want to donate. We can go from there and thanks in advance!

Giving Center is the registered 501(C)3 IRS approved charitable organization that owns and operates Computers with Causes. Giving Center accepts a variety of donations through a network of websites and innovative fundraising techniques – this being one of them. Giving Center EIN# 92-1162407 is a nationwide 501(c) not for profit charitable organization that serves to help a wide range of causes throughout the country. We focus on education and the ultimate improvement of the lives of those less fortunate with aid in the form of financial assistance, endowments, computers, educational assistance and more.

We get an thousands of free computer requests every year. We do a strict need assessment, background and reference check, which helps us eliminate false requests and benefit those truly in need. Our commitment to those that gifted the computer equipment to us in order to better serve the causes we and our donors deem important is our first priority.. If you or your organization truly “are in need”, chances are we will be in contact with you. Please complete the application here: Computer Application