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Computer Donation USA

Computer Donations USA

Make a difference and Donate a Computer to Charity!

Donate Computers Anywhere in the USA

It’s amazing how far technology has come in such a short time and the major impact computers now have in the lives of everyone in our world. Computer with Causes knows this firsthand throughout our many years of experience handling computer donations from generous donors such as you. Your computer donation may end up helping others in a school lab, foster home, homeless shelter or community center here in America, or may be gifted to important causes we/you support worldwide.

Computer Donations, tablets, servers, gadgets, laptop donations and bulk office equipment donations are accepted nationwide across the United States! Our charity representatives are here to help you help others. Does not matter if your computer no longer runs. 90% of all Computers offered to Computers with Causes are accepted for donation! Please choose the equipment you want to donate from the following to begin the donation process or scroll down to choose your state. Call us anytime with questions or to donate over the phone as well: (888)-228-7320