Computer Donation and Laptop donations benefit Computers with Causes charity organization in the United States. Our charity Computer Donation program participates in a zero-waste recycling program. New and used Computer Donations appreciated. All charity Computer Donations and iPad donations are tax deductible and support wonderful charitable causes!

Computer Donation - Computers with Causes


American Veterans

American men & women continue to risk their lives for us. Disabled US veterans and their families need your help! Great Way to Give Back!

Global Computer Donations

Healthy Global Economy

Contribute to the future growth of poverty stricken countries through our global education computer assistance programs.

American Society

Helping Americans

Your computer donation may end up helping others in a school lab, library, foster home, animal shelter or community center in the USA.


Computers with Causes... dedicated to helping you with your Computer donation which benefits many worthy causes worldwide. The Computer Donation process is simple and fast. Call us toll free or fill out our very easy Computer Donation form in under 2 minutes. With your Computer donation, you'll receive a tax deductible receipt, which is very beneficial to corporations and individuals alike.


Computer Donations

Click here for easy to understand and useful information regarding your computer donation with our charity.

Computer Donation Tax Deduction

Donate a Computer and write it off on your taxes! Business donors can deduct the un-depreciated value of the computer, and individuals can deduct the current market value of a computer.


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